Automatic Colorizing Test

May 25, 2016

LargeSense cameras are currently monochrome, and while later color will be offered, it would be nice to convert some images to color. A friend sent me a link to code that automatically colorizes images.

It is a neural network trained on a million images and it is amazing that it can work without any help. It can do rather well but it is not high quality colorization. It is more of an entertainment kind of effect.

Here are some colorized images:

150930_Bodie-Church.jpg 150930_Bodie-Church.jpg
150428_AlysonSantaClaraParkLS911_.jpg 150428_AlysonSantaClaraParkLS911_ere-Edit1.jpg

And a video colorized frame by frame:

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Bill Charbonnet


Founder of LargeSense, the maker of large format digital cameras and backs.

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