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Alyson in the Studio

Mostly underexposed photos of Alyson in the Studio, Santa Clara
Some photos with Alyson in the studio. All a bit underexposed. Paul Buff Einstein flash with a little reflection for fill. (Feb. 20th, 2015  Some people have comment…

Steam Punk Photos

Home Studio Large Format Digital Steam Punk Style Photos
I went to a Steampunk themed group shoot with a pre prototype LS911 camera. Models: Nina Martina and Kory Doyle. Kory made his own "gun" used in the photo. Model: Kory D…

First Photo, Photo of a Cup

First photo, a cup!
On July 20 the test box 8x10 camera was working! I got this photo of a cup. Inspired by Ken Lee.  I would have never have thought about taking a picture of a…