First Infra Red Photo

Sep 18, 2015

Mission Santa Clara Infra Red


Mission Santa Clara

Camera: LargeSense LS911-3a Pre-Production Camera
Lens: Fujinon SF lens 1:5.6 / 250 mm at f/22
Large format digital camera (single shot sensor, size bigger than 8x10 inch)
Formatt Hitech 100 x 100mm Resin Standard Neutral Density 3.0 Filter
IR950 Infra red pass filter
Added noise, cropped, resized, sharpened.
Santa Clara, CA, USA
Photo Taken: September 18, 2015
Attribution 2.0 Generic LLC

Category: New Photos

Bill Charbonnet


Founder of LargeSense, the maker of large format digital cameras and backs.

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