We are working with Svedovsky in Poland to have a strong and light weight field camera ready for the LS55 at launch. The digital back will screw into a custom 8x10 rear. Since a digital back weighs more than a film back, Svedovsky is redesigning their 8x10W camera to accommodate the extra weight, calling it the Svedovsky 8x10D. The camera is attractive, light weight, strong and low cost.

Their camera body comes in 3 colors: natural wood, red mahogany and black. 

Read more about Svedovsky:

Read more about the LS55 4x5 digital back:

The LS55 will also be compatible with other cameras through the use of custom adapter plates.


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Bill Charbonnet

Founder of LargeSense, the maker of large format digital cameras and backs.

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