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Posted by Bill on Jul 25th, 2014
First post! You can post your comment here. All comments are moderated.
Posted by Faust Haze on Jun 8th, 2015
I'm very interested in your camera.
But I live in China. Is there a possible way for me to buy your production?
Looking forward to your reply.
Posted by Bill on Jun 8th, 2015
Faust, thanks for your inquiry. We will be selling to China later.

Posted by Rob on Jul 9th, 2015
HI Bill;
An MFD-using friend just provided the link to your site and I have to say I'm quite excited about the prospect of such cameras.
it would certainly be preferable to setting up a wet-plate process.
Posted by Janelle on Jul 9th, 2015
How much in U.S. Dollars will these cameras cost? When and how can I purchase?
Posted by Bill on Jul 10th, 2015
We should have a camera for sale the first half of 2016. Prices will be posted close to them. You may join the mailing list to subscribe to updates or check back on the Web site.

Posted by Jason on Jul 11th, 2015
Looks very promising, I wish you all the best and hope it comes to market soon. It may take a few generations but you really need to make it small enough to go onto the back of an existing camera, say a Sinar p2 via a custom frame atop the 8x10 rear bearer.
Posted by Florian on Aug 21st, 2015
This project is very interesting. Thinking about the relatively low resolution makes me wonder about the cameras potential problems with moire. Maybe a FAQ entry on the subject would be helpful. LS44 looks extremely interesting, some of the Landscape photographers will probably be willing to pay a lot for something like that.
Posted by Bill on Aug 21st, 2015
So far moire has not been a problem, but it would be expected with the right pattern. Tests will be posted later.

Posted by Mike on Oct 6th, 2015
Nice idea, too bad you are making it 5x5 since there are so many 4x5 cameras available. You may be creating a nice sensor but you appear to be walking away from the legacy market. If you ever make this in 4x5 ! would consider it, I've wanted something like this for a while.

[Bill: Thanks for your comment. The square frame is good as it is hard to rotate the digital back, and the low pixel density makes 5x5 a better fit than smaller sizes. We might make a 4x4 sensor that can fit on 4x5 cameras some years into the future.]
Posted by Darin Warner on Nov 13th, 2015
I hope this is for real I've been waiting a long time for something like this to come out there's no reason it shouldn't be a reality with all the new technology we have today. I just hope I can afford one
Posted by Darrin Warner on Nov 13th, 2015
The only way this is going to sell on a large scale is that if it directly fits anything with a grafloc back even my Linhof camera has a grafloc back and my speed graphics I could use it on either one so please make this thing universal fit don't try to reinvent the wheel with some 5x5" bull shit just make a true 4 x 5" back that fits everyone's camera Posted by Bill on Nov 13th, 2015

Thanks for your comments.

Currently I can't make a sensor small enough to fit in a Grafloc back. There needs to be space beyond the sensor area for electronics and such. In a few years I might try to make a compact 4x4 inch digital back that might fit into a Grafloc Back as a two part camera.

For now the 5x5 will fit just 8x10 cameras. I'll add more information to the Web page.

Posted by Alexander Fedin on May 5th, 2017
You can make the camera to take color photos in one shot much faster then you think. There were two technologies invented when the color photography was born. First used a randomly spreaded color dots on the glass plate, second used very thin color stripes. Replicating these technologies with the digital sensor, you do not need too much of a precision, as with the sensor you may take three images under the differently colored light and programmatically map sensor pixels to the colors. I don't think that there is any patent still alive to protect these technologies nowadays, so it is free for you to use. Also, I suppose that your cameras will be in a very high demand for a product photography and both product and movies videography. There is a guy in Silicon Valley specializing in teaching people all over the world to the product photography, who can promote your cameras much better than you with a speed of light. His name is Alex Koloskov. You can find him on his Facebook page Photigy Studio.