LargeSense Large format digital backs and cameras products

LS911 Large Format Digital Camera

The LS911 is an "8x10" large format digital camera. Adapted to use a Sinar front, though other fronts can be adapted.

LS45 Large Format Digital Back

The 4x5 or 5x4 digital single shot digital back with video and live view.

Global Shutter

A high quality liquid crystal shutter will allow accurate and precise shutter speeds as fast as 1/500 s. Ideal for video, it can also allow work well for still images. In development.

  • Very high contrast
  • Speeds as short as 1/500 s
  • Precise and shutter exposure control
  • 30% light transmittance

FAQ - Question and Answer

Question: Can you lower the price on your cameras?
Answer: The big issue with the price of cameras is the large piece of silicon for the sensor. Defects are more serious when you have a single large sensor as you might loose a whole wafer. With small sensors you just loose one sensor per a larger quantity.

We expect to have discounted trade ins and refurbished units in the future. The sensor is said to have a long life and reliability.

Question: Do I need a light meter with your cameras?
Answer: You don't need a light meter. There is a live view histogram and images can be taken to review the exposure.

Question: Will LargeSense make a medium format camera? Sizes such as 6x7 (67), 6x9 (69).
Answer: Currently there are no plans to make any sensors smaller than 4x5 inch. Perhaps in some years we may look at something smaller. Eventually a 617 size might be considered.

Surveys to help gauge interest

Here are previous survey results:

67% 4x5 (5 by 5 inch) 7% Something smaller than 4x5 26% 8x10 (9 by 11 inch)

35% Monochome 65% Color (Bayer CFA)

55% Sinar 45% Something other than Sinar

Looking for a bigger camera?

You can check out the LSST, Large Synoptic Survey Telescope.