Svedovsky 5x7 & 5x7E Camera

This is a sturdy and lovely 5x7 camera from Svedovsky in Poland. We have a custom rear made for the LS45 digital back, the LS-SVED-5x7-01.  In the USA it can be sold with the LS45 digital back as a complete set, or ordered directly from Svedovsky in Poland.

The 5x7 is made entirely of mahogany or oak wood.

The 5x7E has is made from mahogany plywood. It is the same construction style, the same stability, wood finished with oil and wax.

July 2020 Price:

  • Svedovsky 5x7  $1600 USD + (Check the Svedovsky site for current pricing.)
  • Svedovsky 5x7E  $990 USD + (Check the Svedovsky site for current pricing.)


8 weeks or less delivery time.

The Svedovsky allows full frame coverage of the LS45. Actual 4x5 cameras may not cover the whole frame as 4x5 cameras tend to cover a smaller area. And the LS45 sensor is a bit bigger than 4x5 inch.

Parts needed to work with the LS45 custom mounting digital back:

  • Svedovsky 5x7 or  5x7E Camera
  • LS-SVED-5x7-01 or LS-SVED-5x7-01E rear
  • Metal LS45 mounting plate with tape seal


Also we may offer a 3D printed lens board adapter to go from 100x100mm to 140x140mm.