LS45 Accessories


Included Accessories


Lens Cover Cloth for taking darks.

4x4 inch lens cover box for taking darks.

4x4 inch lens cover box for flat field calibration.

LED light soruce with a secial diffuser for flat field calibration. AA batteries may not be included.

USA power cord. A local power adapter may be required for some locations.

Standard visible light cover glass filters.


Recommended Accessories


Wine Country Camera filter holder

We're using their filter holder and Blackstone ND filters. The nice part of their filter holder is the very tight fit of the first filter. When you are using a f/2.5 lenses you need ND filters during the day before the sun goes down. We can help you with adapting WCC to the Aero Ektar 7 inch or Buhl lenses. Also the WCC system will be used for our video LC shutters.