Should I buy your camera?

What is special about your camera?

People have asked what is special about a LargeSense camera. Our large format digital cameras give you the feeling of large format film with a digital back. If you like tones, or colors (coming later), then this camera will deliver. You can get the look of large format lenses in digital, the only camera that will let you do that.

Compared to film you can take many more shots with a large format digital camera. You can tether and check your photos quickly. There is a live view for focusing, and you can check at 1:1 while you focus. You can review on your phone, tablet or PC. We are planning a lovely fast Web based interface for focusing, photo taking and camera control. And tethering by cable also.

Some people just love film, and I love the results also. I just want to take a photo, see it now, and perhaps take a lot more photos, and know I'm getting what I want. It is great to use any large format lens, from really old to new. And if the lens doesn't have a shutter it the camera will still work fine with the electronic shutter most of the time.

You can consider the options:


Polaroid Originals - The Impossible Project - A dedicated team is bringing back Polaroid film.They have 8x10 film now which looks pretty nice.

Large format film - You can pick up a large format camera film setup for not too much money. And large film is still the king of photography. While some types of films are being canceled, film is still being produced. Also you can do you own wet plate photography.


Scanning backs - Scanning backs can have a lot of detail, but don't work well for portraits or movements.

Robotic Panoramic Heads - It is a nice way to increase resolution and the images look better than a single capture, though for some reason they lack the feeling of large format. An example would be the GigaPan EPIC Pro.

Hand held panoramas - You can take hand held panoramas that include people. It is called the Brenizer Method. If you have good coordination it can come out well, but for some reason lacks the feeling of large format. Comparing a LS911 print with a Brenizer print on our walls, the LS911 print comes out ahead with large format feeling. (Though the Brenizer has more resolution.)

Projection camera -  You could build your own 8x10 large format projection camera. The projected image is captured by a small camera inside. It is affordable and light weight. The page: Zev Hoover Camera. The PetaPixel article:

Medium format digital - Medium format features cameras that have great image quality and are easy to carry around. The relatively low cost Fuji GFX-100 seems to be a great all around camera.

Large format digital - That's us! The LargeSense LS911. A large sensor size, single shot capture, fat pixels that can hold a lot of light, amazing tonality and the look of large format film. The use of any large format lens, including those made back in the 1800's. And focusing and control through any HTML connected device.


Bill Charbonnet