It is hard to focus up close when people can't stay still, though she did well! This was a focus test and then after it I asked her to pose, but it looked better the shot where she was waiting. This is my second time to use the lens. It doesn't feel too soft.


Cropped from original image to remove white space on top.
Toned and sharped in Alien Skin Exposure 6.
Photo Taken: August 4, 2014 Santa Clara, CA, USA
Camera: LargeSense LS911 Pre Production Camera
f/5.6 1/125 sec
Fujinon SF lens 1:5.6 / 250 mm
Lighting: Two Fresnel Tungsten lights feathered
Copyright LargeSense LLC All rights reserved


I'm not a view camera focusing expert, it's all new to me. But I like looking at an enlarged image on a computer screen more than ground glass!

And a photo showing a bit of the tilt:



And here's the same lens but with window light and more "straight from the camera":


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