LS911-M2    Go big, go REALLY BIG!

Someone wrote, "Go big, go REALLY BIG!" in a forum post, and that describes the LS911 Mark 2.

Currently we are not selling the LS911 and are working on the LS911 Mark 2.

The LS911 was a full camera. The LS911-M2 is a digital back to be mounted on a camera.

LS911 Mark 2

9x11 inch sensor

A digital back in two parts

26 MP

Expected USA Price:

US$90,000 monochrome

Available Now! Please inquire.


Mounting Options

11x14 cameras offer full frame mounting for the LS911-M2. Svedovskey offers strong rugged cameras that are affordable. Check their Website for up to date pricing. We will have a mount ready for the Svedovsky with LS911-M2. Other mounts will be availiable.

Svedovskey 11x14 US$3,190
Svedovskey Svedovskey11x14E US$2,290


We will also mount on 8x10 cameras, though nothing smaller.