The 500mm Wollaston Meniscus lens lens has a nice look to it even stopped down. It is never very sharp, but it is a soft focus lens. Sometimes we like the look and not the sharpness.

And we tried a 3 color image using the color wheel in manual mode. She did well staying still for 9 seconds.

Subject: Shy Pie
Camera: LargeSense LS911 Pre Production Camera
Large format digital camera (single shot sensor, size bigger than 8x10 inch)
500mm Wollaston Meniscus lens
Shutter and aperture: 1/26s f/32
Photo Taken: May 11, 2017 San Jose, CA, USA
Copyright LargeSense LLC
All rights reserved

Category: New_Photos

Bill Charbonnet

Founder of LargeSense, the maker of large format digital cameras and backs.

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