Large Format Camera Stand (Tripod) for LS911

LS-CS-01 Camera Stand


  • Designed for the LS911, but can work with other cameras
  • Crank to raise, lower and a crank for tilt
  • Wheels to easily move around a studio
  • Aluminum construction for lighter weight
  • Wheels and base can be customized
  • Around 4 feet of travel

The stand can be taken apart for shipping and transport.

Discontinued. Pleas order from Mammoth Camera.
Made in California, USA

Mammoth Camera Custom Camera Stand

Tracy Storer of MAMMOTH CAMERA COMPANY can build a custom bi-post camera stand for the LS911. He has built three new 20x24 inch Polaroid instant cameras and stands for them. He often designs and builds custom stands for a variety of cameras. The stand will have rise and tilt.

The stand can disassemble into two sections for shipping, but is designed to stay put together. Fully assembled, it should fit into vans, SUVs and station wagon-style cars.

It is expected that Tracy's camera stand will cost half as much as the one made by LargeSense, as well as weigh less.

Lead time: 4 weeks
Made in California, USA