LargeSense LLC was formed in February 2014 to make large format digital cameras, a market not yet served. Bill Charbonnet left his desk job to form a company to make these unique cameras.

With films constantly being discontinued, now is the time to introduce a digital product. While film will still be the most magical, digital will allow a quick work flow, live view focusing and video. These are some of the advantages that digital offers compared to film.

To think BIG you need to be SMALL

The smallest cameras are made by the biggest companies, and the biggest ones by the very smallest. Our research indicates that the market for large format digital cameras is tiny, so LargeSense needs to be tiny. If Canon and Nikon could be thought of as elephants, Phase One would be a kitten and LargeSense would be a ladybug (Coccinellidae).

Our secret sauce is building and selling a specialty camera where the market is only a few cameras per year. It is not something that even a small medium format company could do profitably. Keeping costs low while building a revolutionary new camera is required.

But being small has advantages, such as close contact between customers and support and engineering. If you have any question, I will respond quickly. Large format digital cameras are a dream I have had for a long time; now I'm excited about making such a camera!

If you are interested in purchasing a camera, please use the contact form. Also, please let me know if you have any ideas, questions, or comments.

Bill Charbonnet
Founder/Managing Partner

4701 Patrick Henry Drive
Bldg 16 Suite 2E
Santa Clara, CA 95054