8x10 Large Format Digtial with Holly

Oct 08, 2018

Usually behind the camera in video production, the lovely Holly returns to star in our longest large format video so far. This is a set of clips made with the LS911 digital camera. Each part has a bit of different style applied.

Also see the behind the scenes video:

The LS911 uses a rolling shutter but the artifacts are not visible. Later we'll offer a liquid crystal shutter option that will have a global shutter effect and fast and precise shutter speeds. The camera saves video in 14 bit monochrome.

LS911 digital 9x11 inch sensor
24 fps; 1/26 exposure 3888x3092 cropped to 3840x2160
Actress / model: Holly
Music by John Bartmann: Interstellar Space https://johnbartmann.com

Higher quality version of the video: Youtube reduces the quality a good bit so you can download a high quality version from Google Drive here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1UJW0JanhO-KS_O39oW5-hVBlgP5cPSEP/view?usp=sharing


Bill Charbonnet


Founder of LargeSense, the maker of large format digital cameras and backs.

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