LS911 - Go big, go REALLY BIG!

Someone wrote, "Go big, go REALLY BIG!" in a forum post, and that describes the LS911 well. Also...

Bigger is Better 

Other camera companies say that bigger is better; it is true when it comes to medium format-type sizes, and even more true with large format! The LS911 is the biggest!

Size Matters

A large sensor area gives a 3D feeling to images with great tones. Also big pixels.

One Shot

One shot means the whole sensor is read all at once. Scanning backs have to read parts at a time, which are not useful for subjects that move, and they don't work well with strobes.

Electronic Shutter

Use the electronic shutter at speeds of up to 1/26s. Allows using lenses without shutters. Makes taking images much easier and simpler with the WiFi-based command interface. An external LC shutter will be available later with speeds as fast as 1/500 sec and precisely adjustable.

LS911 Specs and Features PDF Download


Images show camera mounted with a Sinar Front, either a Fujinon lens or an A T Thompson lens, and on a Ries tripod. This is the final design of the LS911-V camera.

Infrared (IR) Support

Excellent support for IR and UV, since there is no blocking filter in the camera.

  • Infrared with IR950 Filter

    Infrared with IR950 Filter

  • No  Filter

    No Filter

  • IR and UV Blocking Filter

    IR and UV Blocking Filter

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LS911-V: Expected USA price US$106,000



  • 9x11-Inch high sensitivity, large pixel digital sensor--We tend to refer to it as 8x10 as that is the closest format that people search for.
  • 12 megapixels
  • 75 micron pixel size--These are very large and sharp compared to high resolution small format cameras.
  • Live view for easy focusing
  • WiFi for remote viewing and control
  • Video modes (all progressive):

    Up to 26fps:

    • Full frame 3888 x 3072 and optional crop sizes: 3840 × 2160, 3840 x 1600, 1920 x 1080.

    • Optional full frame down sampling to 1920 x 1080 and 1280 x 720.

    Up to 70fps with pixel 2x2 pixel binning:

    • Full frame: 1944 x 1536 and optional cropping to 1920x1080.

    • Optional full frame down sampling to 1280 x 720.

    Stereo sound recording inputs

    Video output options 16 bit TIFFs, DNGs, CinemaDNG, JPEGs, h.264

  • 14 bit AD; 16 bit files
  • 2 hardware ISO modes
Base ISO 2,100 - with IR filter - (approximate)
High ISO 6,400 - with IR filter - (approximate)
  • No CFA, no AA and no micro lenses. This allows large movements without affecting edge image quality.
  • Output to DNG, TIFF 16 bit, TIFF 32 bit, RAWRAW and JPEG.
  • Media: CF or SD card slot, 900GB internal storage and USB3.1 drive output.
  • Tethered operation, by CAT5 cable or WiFi.
  • 3.5mm Jack for external shutter button
  • Rear movements can be done by putting the lens on a separate tripod.
  • Dust - The sensor is large and can pick up dust. It is easy to remove the bellows and clean the sensor. Also a white frame can be taken before a photo session, which works very well in removing most dust. The white frame is incorporated into the camera software.
  • All specifications subject to change



    11x9 Inch Full Frame 4k UHD Capture

    Huge sensor size capture allows solid video with great tones.

    3 Digits FPS Speed

    The LS911 allows three decimal frames per second control.

    Rolling Shutter

    The large sensor LS911 uses a rolling shutter. Rolling shutters can produce distortions, but the LS911 handles it well. See the test videos.

  • download.jpg

  • HTML Camera Control

    Control of the camera is done through an HTML interface. PCs, tablets and phones may connect to the camera's WiFi connection. A guest account allows users with a PIN to browse and download images on the camera. A wired Ethernet connection may also be used for camera control and image sharing.

    Custom Curves

    LargeSense cameras can import your PhotoShop actions and apply your curves to the linear images the camera takes. These are applied to the JPEG images saved and shown as preview images, as well as being embedded in the raw DNG images.


    Types of Shutter Speeds

    You can set the electronic shutter with fractional, ms, or seconds.

  • ExposureSettingsExample.gif

LSR1 - The real raw

Storing all of the actual files used in an image in a ZIP file:

Unmodified 14-bit sensor read out
Fixed Pattern Noise
FFC flat field correction
Dark noise file
Curve applied to the linear file
The processed JPEG, DNG and TIFF of image

An LSR1 program will allow further processing of the images.

Regular Firmware Updates

LargeSense will keep updating the interface software for all models of cameras. An abstraction from the hardware allows quick updating of the functions and user interface.

Videos Taken by the LS911


Size Matters

Sensor size is an important component of image quality. It brings out the "magical 3D quality" in images, and better tones.


LargeSense Sensor Size Compared to Other Cameras

LargeSense cameras have large pixels also.

Comparing relative pixel sizes of the iPhone X, FujiFilm GFX 50S and the Hasselblad X1d-50c with LargeSense cameras.


 Suggested accessories:

  • Tablet or notebook for camera control and FFC
  • IR & UV blocking filters for your lenses for outside photography and for hot lights. Flash photography does not typically need the filters. 
  • ND filters for shooting wide open since the digital sensor is much more sensitive than film
  • A sturdy tripod. 
  • Sensor cleaning tools. We recommend Eclipse fluid, PEC pads and a Giottos Rocket Blaster Dust-Removal blower. There is an external glass in front of the sensor glass so that if you damage the glass, it can be replaced.

Lens Rail:

The rail for the LS911 is a 1-inch rail T Slot profile made by 80/20 Inc. Part# 1010-S. Users may order their own lengths. A 2- and 3-foot rail are included with the camera. If the rail is long or a heavy lens is used, then additional support would be required.


Some people are interested in having the camera to be just a digital back that fits on an existing camera, but due to the size and weight of the digital part it can't just fit on an existing film camera. The bellows can connect to the front of a film camera. Currently, the bellows are designed to fit a Sinar F2 housing.

The base ISO is rather high, but it is a good feature as large format users tend to stop down lenses a good bit, such as f/64 or f/128. Though for outside, an ND filter might be needed in bright light. Not tested on stars yet.

Sample Images


LS911-V Video and still capable 9x11 inch digital camera
LS911-S Still only 9x11 inch digital (The still version is delayed due to cost and time, but if there is enough interest, a still only version could be made.)
LS911-C Color version that can do video. Please inquire for the extra cost and lead time.

Rotating sensor is planned later if there is enough interest. This option adds 25% more weight but could be useful in a studio.

S - still photos only
C - color
M - monochrome
R - rotating

Front Sensor Glass

The sensor has glass bonded to it. In front of that glass is another plate of glass which protects the sensor glass, called the Front Sensor Glass. The front sensor glass can be configured for visible light only, or to allow all light.

During ordering, the type of glass can be picked. Afterwards the glass can be changed but requires disassembly of the camera.

LS911-Glass-FB  Full Band. Allows taking NIR or UV images. Requires filters.

LS911-Glass-VB  Visible Band pass. Blocks NIR and UV, allowing only visible light. The advantage is that every lens is ready without needing a filter.


Body color can be customized. The standard body color is Prismatic Powders Desert Red Wrinkle.


When ordering the camera any powder coat can be chosen for the body. A sample of possible powder coats for the body: Prismatic Powders

STATUS: March 2018

Ready to sell / demo! Please contact us if you are interested.

STATUS: October 2017

The final body is mostly finished. Getting the camera software ready to give demos.

STATUS: January 2017

Some updates for the New Year.

The final prototype LS911 case is going into powder coating. The case and a more final software should be ready in February.



California Proposition 65 Warning: LargeSense cameras and other products contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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