Kodak Aero Ektar 7 Inch F2.5 178mm Lens


This is an amazingly sharp lens with beautiful bokehIt will cover the LS45 at infinity but for the LS911, it covers 9x11 inches close up images.

Using a DOF calculator, the Kodak lens give an equivalent aperture of f/0.7 and focal length of 47 mm compared to full frame 24x36 mm small format.

On Aug. 23, Nikon announced the NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct, which is the fastest lens in Nikon’s history. It is nice to know that you can get a sharp lens with less DOF for 4x5 for a lot less money. Some people have said it is too sharp even at f/2.5, but that is one of the good things about it. You can check Ebay for good deals.

At f/2.5 and with a sensitive sensor, it is easy to get too much light. We're working on an adapter to mount the Wine Country Camera filter holder onto the Kodak lens. For outside photos in the daytime, you'll need ND filters with this lens and the LS45. The final version of the adapter will be threaded to screw onto the Kodak lens, the pre prototype version is a clamping ring fit.


Warning: The Kodak glass is a bit radioactive, so don't leave it on a digital camera when not in use. Use necessary safety precautions.

People say that if the lens has a tint to it that some UV light, such as from the sun, will help clear it up. The tint is caused by the radiation.

Also there is a Kodak Aero Ektar 12 inch f/2.5 that should cover the LS911 at portrait distance. It is basically the same as the smaller 7 inch Aero Ektar, but made for 8x10. It is said to be sharp into the IR light range, and the 24x36 mm equivalence aperture would be f/0.3, which is a very narrow DOF! It is on the LargeSense shopping list but it needs a bigger lens board and filters than we currently use. There will be bigger fronts offered for the LS911 in the future to take larger lenses.

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