Usually behind the camera in video production, the lovely Holly returns to star in our longest large format video so far. This is a set of clips made with the LS911 digital camera. Each part has a bit of different style applied.

Also see the behind the scenes video:

The LS911 uses a rolling shutter but the artifacts are not visible. Later we'll offer a liquid crystal shutter option that will have a global shutter effect and fast and precise shutter speeds. The camera saves video in 14 bit monochrome.

LS911 digital 9x11 inch sensor
24 fps; 1/26 exposure 3888x3092 cropped to 3840x2160
Actress / model: Holly
Music by John Bartmann: Interstellar Space

Higher quality version of the video: Youtube reduces the quality a good bit so you can download a high quality version from Google Drive here:

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Bill Charbonnet

Founder of LargeSense, the maker of large format digital cameras and backs.

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