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Large Format Digital Camera and Digital Backs


LS911 Large Format Digital Camera

The LS911 is an "8x10" large format digital camera. By default it will be adapted to use a Sinar front, though other fronts can be adapted.

Short specification list:

  • 9x11 inch high sensitivity, large pixel digital sensor
  • Live view for easy focusing
  • WiFi for remote viewing and control
  • Large format 4k movie mode
  • All specifications subject to change


LS45 Large Format Digital Back

The 4x5 or 5x4 digital single shot digital back with video and live view.

Survey questions to help gauge interest

Which size camera do you prefer?
4x5 (5 by 5 inch)
Something smaller than 4x5
8x10 (9 by 11 inch)


Looking for a bigger camera?

You can check out the LSST, Large Synoptic Survey Telescope.

Sinar is the current chosen mount. What is your favorite mount?
Something other than Sinar
Do you prefer monochrome or color (Bayer CFA)?
Color (Bayer CFA)