LargeSense Large format digital backs and cameras products

LS911 Large Format Digital Camera

The LS911 is an "8x10" large format digital camera. Adapted to use a Sinar front, though other fronts can be adapted.


LS45 Large Format Digital Back

The 4x5 or 5x4 digital single shot digital back with video and live view.

Large Format Digital Timeline

Model Status Release Date Sensor Size Pixels DR Stops Bits Options Mounting USA Pricing*
LS45 Final Development Expected June, 2019 4.7 x 5.5 inches 6.7 MP 12.5 14 Video and Stills Digital Back - Graflok, 8x10, custom $48,500
LS911 Production April, 2018 9 x 11 inches 12 MP 11 14 Video and Stills Self contained camera $106,000
LSX45 Concept Expected 2022 96 x 120 mm 595 MP 16 20 Video and Stills Digital Back - Graflok, 8x10, custom TBA
LSX617 Concept Expected 2023 56 × 168 mm 486 MP 16 20 Primarialy Video Custom 617 camera, 8x10 mount TBA
LSX88 Concept Expected 2023 8 x 8 inches 2 GP 16 20 Stills only 8x10 or 11x14 mounting TBA

* All prices subject to change. All specifications subject to change. Delays are expected.

Global Shutter

A high quality liquid crystal shutter will allow accurate and precise shutter speeds as fast as 1/500 s. Ideal for video, it can also allow work well for still images. In development.

  • Very high contrast
  • Speeds as short as 1/500 s
  • Precise and shutter exposure control
  • 30% light transmittance

FAQ - Question and Answer

Question:  Can you lower the price on your cameras?
Answer: The big issue with the price of cameras is the large piece of silicon for the sensor. Defects are more serious when you have a single large sensor as you might loose a whole wafer. With small sensors you just loose one sensor per a larger quantity.

We expect to have discounted trade ins and refurbished units in the future. The sensor is said to have a long life and reliability.

Question:  Do I need a light meter with your cameras?
Answer: You don't need a light meter. There is a live view histogram and images can be taken to review the exposure.

Question:  Will LargeSense make a medium format camera? Sizes such as 6x7 (67), 6x9 (69).
Answer: Currently there are no plans to make any sensors smaller than 4x5 inch. Perhaps in some years we may look at something smaller. Eventually a 617 size might be considered.

Surveys to help gauge interest

Here are previous survey results:

67%     4x5 (5 by 5 inch)
7%       Something smaller than 4x5
26%     8x10 (9 by 11 inch)

35%     Monochome
65%     Color (Bayer CFA)

55%     Sinar
45%     Something other than Sinar

Looking for a bigger camera?

You can check out the LSST, Large Synoptic Survey Telescope.